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Pet Hospice: Why You Should Consider It

Pet Hospice: Why You Should Consider It

Saying goodbye can be difficult but it may put your mind at ease to know that we can help keep your pet comfortable during their final days. Here, our vets at Grass Valley Veterinary Hospital share some information about why hospice care may be needed and how it can help both you and your beloved pet.

Hospice Care for Pets

You can expect a healthy cat or dog to live between 10 and 20 years while pets with health issues may live shorter lives. Regardless of how long they live, hospice care could be necessary to keep your pet as comfortable as possible as they reach the end of their life.

If your pet has no other treatment options available your vet may begin to speak with you about hospice or end-of-life care. This can help to ease any pain that they are feeling and ensure that they remain comfortable until your final goodbyes.

Hospice care is made to make this easier for both pets and their owners during a very difficult time.

When to Speak With Your Vet About Pet Hospice Care

Hospice care is normally set aside for animals with medical conditions that are not treatable, those whose condition affects their quality of life in an extremely negative fashion, and those who are at the end of their lifespan. Hospice care may be needed regardless of the age of your cat or dog. It can either be a puppy, kitten, or a senior pet. The goal of hospice care is to prevent suffering in all animals who are in their final days.

Why should you seek hospice care for your pet?

The main goal of hospice care for pets is to make them comfortable and reduce any pain they may experience. This can include a comprehensive quality-of-life exam, prescribing medication and food for pain management, and finally, offering humane euthanasia.

What to expect from end-of-life care at Grass Valley Veterinary Hospital?

Our compassionate veterinary team will ensure that you are fully informed of your pet's condition and prognosis and shift our focus to making your pet comfortable.

To ensure this, we will perform a final quality-of-life exam, offer medications and a special medicated diet, and discuss our euthanasia options with you.

Saying goodbye to your pet, no matter how long they've been in your life, is difficult. We want you to know that we are here with you.

Regardless of the situation that has led to their end-of-life care, we know that you will have many different emotions which can be hard to process.


At Grass Valley Veterinary Hospital, we offer euthanasia services for companion animals who may be suffering in their final days. We will always perform our euthanasia services with compassion and care, knowing that your furry companion means the world to you.

We will do everything we can to comfort you and your pet, reducing their pain and discomfort as much as possible while allowing you the opportunity to say goodbye in a supportive environment.

When it is time, we are here to explain each option to you in a sensitive manner. We will give you time with your pet, and explain the procedure and what you can expect to happen so that you are prepared.

The medications that we use help make this procedure painless and will induce your pet to drift off into peaceful and permanent sleep.


Saying goodbye to your pet is a very difficult decision. Although it may be the kindest choice you can make in your animal's final days if they are in pain or suffering, the process can still be heartbreaking.

You may consider memorializing your pet in a way that keeps them close to your heart. You may choose to hold a memorial service with your friends and family. Another option is to create a headstone or a living memorial with a tree or plant in a spot that you can visit whenever you miss your pet. You may also choose to have an imprint of their paw print made, so you can keep a piece of them with you in your home.

Each pet is different, so do what feels right for you and your family to remember and honor your unique furry companion.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Is it time to consider hospice care to help keep your pet comfortable? Contact our Grass Valley Veterinary Hospital vets to learn about our end-of-life services and how we can help you say goodbye in a peaceful and supportive environment.

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